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To: Horizon Regional Council; and The Environment Court

Your water!.. Your future!.. No water!.. No future!

Withdraw resource consent given to Aquifer 182 ltd to abstract groundwater in Whanganui, 75,000 litres per week, 37 million litres per year to bottle and sell both nationally and internationally for 13 years with the possibility of extension. We the Whanganui community have been saying NO to this consent for the past 5 years.

Why is this important?

Water is the very essence of all life without it nothing can survive. Cooperations and overseas investors wish to exhaust our natural resource for capital gain. We cannot drink their money. Our natural springs take many many years to replenish and the threat of a water bottling company will collapse our waterways. Future generations yet to be born will have very little or no water. We must stop this from happening. Aotearoa stand with us the Whanganui community for we are all connected by the water and it is our responsibility to protect our waterways.


2023-01-04 10:44:38 +1300

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