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To: Christopher Luxon, Prime Minister

Call on Chris Luxon to Stop the Fast-Track Bill!

Protect Democracy. Protect Nature. Protect Te Tiriti. Send a message to Prime Minister Luxon to call on him to stop the Fast-Track Approvals Bill.

Why is this important?

All life deserves to thrive.

Yet the Luxon Government has declared the biggest assault on nature, democracy and Te Tiriti in decades with their Fast-Track Bill.

If passed unopposed, the new law will allow the destruction of lands, rivers and seas through more mining, dams, roads, drilling and ocean pillaging.

It will also deny local communities a say about those projects and severely restrict input from iwi, hapū and experts.

Call on Prime Minister Luxon to stop the Fast-Track Approvals Bill!

How it will be delivered

Lots of emails!




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