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To: Hauraki District & Waikato Regional Councils

Stop the Spence Road Quarry

We call on the Hauraki District & Waikato Regional Councils to refuse consent to the HG Leach quarry application on Spence Road, Waihi, for environmental reasons.

We also expect any submission process to be publicly notified for community consultation.

Why is this important?

The Waitawheta is a beautiful river starting in bush, and close to Auckland and other main centres. It’s one of the cleanest rivers on the North Island which provides the water town supply for Paeroa.

The proposed new quarry area has Significant Natural Area (SNA) status. As an SNA it is an area of significant indigenous vegetation and significant habitats of indigenous fauna.

We are very concerned there will be serious risk to water quality and environmental damage if the quarry goes ahead.

There are at least four rare and threatened species that live in the area including the Long tailed bat, Hochstetter’s frog, Te Aroha stag beetle, and Striped skink.

The area is home to numerous native birds including Kaka and New Zealand Falcon, Karearea.

The Waitawheta River has a macroinvertebrate community index (MCI) of 134. This means it is one of the cleanest rivers in New Zealand and a reason it also makes it a recognised fishery for Rainbow and German Brown trout.

The new quarry is likely to affect water quality in the river from run off in extreme weather events, which are becoming more common. This would add sediment silt and debris coming from the quarry into the river.

Blasting can also affect water flows. Blasting and crushing can cause emission of noxious gases, air pollution and ground vibration. These can cause health problems in local communities and damage to houses and structures in the surrounding communities.

This project has far reaching effects on the local environment and the wider community. At the least everyone should be made aware of this project and be allowed to make submissions to both the Hauraki District Council and the Waikato Regional Council.

With the current state of rivers in New Zealand maintaining the highest quality of water in this river should be a top priority.

We are local residents in the Waitawheta valley area who are very concerned about the proposed new quarry. If you also care about protecting rivers and our natural ecosystems in Waikato please sign the petition!


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This river floods big time, there is no way they can contain the runoff.

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