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To: ChristchurchNZ

Scuttle SailGP Lyttelton for Hector's Dolphins

We call on you to cancel the Lyttelton leg of SailGP to protect Hector's dolphins.

Why is this important?

Upokohue/ Hector's dolphins are one of the rarest marine dolphins in the world. They are found mostly on the east coast of the South Island and have a conservation status of ‘nationally vulnerable’.

Hector's dolphins are under many threats. A small population lives in Lyttelton Harbour and is already threatened by industrial activities, noise and massive cruise ships.

SailGP is a high speed race where boats foil. It is like a Grand Prix racing car competition on water. The race course overlaps the area Hector's occupies. Hector's dolphins are at serious risk of boat strike injury or death.

Lyttelton is a Hector's dolphin Marine Mammal Sanctuary and no place for a high speed race.

We acknowledge the role of the Te Roopū Tiaki Whakaraupō Advisory Group in advocating for dolphin protection, and Ngāti Wheke's kaitiakitanga role. We believe the best protection for Hector's dolphins is to not hold the race in Lyttelton at all.




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