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To: Mayor Lianne Dalziel

Make Otautahi-Christchurch one-use plastic-bag free

August 2018

Dear Changemakers
Wahoo! bye bye (plastic) bag!
No doubt you have heard the news that the Government is to ban one-use plastic bags. You had a hand in achieving this remarkable result. Take a bow!
Yes, there’s still much we can and need to do (tackling other forms of plastic pollution and challenging the absurdity of our society’s ‘throw away’ mentality) but for now it’s time to pat ourselves on the back, wear a big smile and say ‘together, we did it’!

Thanks everyone! Well done! Enjoy the moment!

Let's lead the way in NZ and be the first 'one-use plastic-bag free' city in the country!

Let's join together to ask Mayor Lianne Dalziel & her council to ban one-use plastic bags in the city (starting with the new retail precinct in the CBD).

Why is this important?

Samoa and 29 other countries have banned it's time for our redesigned city Otautahi-Christchurch to lead the way in NZ.

New Zealanders send an estimated one BILLION plastic bags to landfill annually.

Scientists estimate it takes 1000 years (yes, you read that right) for plastic bags to degrade and during that process toxins are leached and particles can get into the food chain.



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