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To: NZ Parliament

Slow down fast fashion!

We call on the Government to implement producer responsibility measures to slow down the production and consumption of fast fashion in New Zealand; and require producers to cover the costs of the pollution caused by their products over their lifecycle.

Why is this important?

There are too many clothes in the world! Fast fashion is pumping out huge amounts of cheap synthetic garments that end up in landfills.

Fast fashion has created underpriced disposable clothing, and is enabling environmental destruction. Fast fashion is driven by capitalism and corporate profit, which is driving the world’s biggest problems such as the climate, biodiversity and humanitarian crises. The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions

🧵We need to regulate the industry and slow down the giant Corporate overproduction of fast fashion.

Fast fashion is second to Oil in its damage to our environment. Oil is currently involved in every part of the production and delivery process of fast fashion, including the creation of the materials (such as polyester and nylon). It walks hand in hand in domination and pollution.

Ghana’s desert and other places around the world have become dumping grounds for the worlds throw-away clothes. Micro plastics are pouring into our oceans everyday from simply washing our clothes that are made out of plastic.

Fast fashion depends on modern slavery. 1 in every 130 women and girls around the world fall victim to modern slavery, and many work in sweatshops in Asia, creating garments for fast fashion brands.

🧵It’s time for big change. It’s time to honour our environment and our planet and people. We need to prioritise circular design and production systems. We need businesses that honour our environment and life on earth, the natural laws that we operate inside of. We need policies from Government that will control and regulate the industry and put the responsibility back on corporations. The Giants must be stopped.

It doesn’t have to be this way. By regulating to slow down fast fashion we can use and appreciate what we have. We can support our local clothes designers and makers.

🧵Join the rebellion! Sign the petition and demand an end to our part in the harms of fast fashion.

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