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To: New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals (NZPAM)

A bid for the future - no more oil and gas drilling in Taranaki

We call on the Government to end the block offers on the 1565.5 km² of onshore Taranaki land that will allow oil and gas drilling.

We’re not joining the corporate bids to destroy the land, waterways and atmosphere. We are making an alternative bid in defence of our collective future! We - the people of Aotearoa - are together bidding for the future: no more oil and gas drilling in Taranaki!

Why is this important?

We are deeply disappointed that the government has once again opened over 20% of the Taranaki region for future oil and gas drilling through a Petroleum Block Offer process.

The ‘Block Offer 2020’ is a tender for permission to explore for petroleum - this means the government is offering blocks of land in Taranaki to oil companies looking to drill for oil and gas.

Block Offer 2020 is open now and closes at 5pm on 26 July 2023.

We’re saying: NO WAY! We all know we need urgent radical change now to prevent climate chaos. It’s a practical and moral imperative to do all we can to defend our planet and our future.

The climate emergency demands we transition away from fossil fuels towards clean sustainable energy sources.

Yet greedy fossil fuel companies are taking the opportunity to look for more oil and gas in Taranaki.

The Government must stop handing out oil and gas permits. Handing out permits for more fossil fuel exploration while the planet is heating at unprecedented rates can only be described as ecocide. Handing out permits to oil companies now is like handing out death certificates to our children.

Fossil fuel companies have known of their impacts on climate and ocean chemistry for decades, and have acted to increase their biosphere-destroying activities, instead of transitioning to a degrowth economy.

We are seeing and feeling the impacts of climate change with our very own eyes. The storms this summer that have brought so much devastation to Aotearoa need to be our wake-up call. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere keep rising due to increasing emissions from human activity - the use of fossil fuel being one of the main causes.

Despite politicians saying that climate change is a priority successive governments have failed.

It’s now up to us to rise up together for climate justice. Join our bid to take climate change seriously – for our tamariki and Papatūānuku. Join our bid to stop drilling for more oil and gas in Taranaki now!

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Climate Justice Taranaki:
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How it will be delivered

Climate Justice Taranaki will use the New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals (NZPAM) application process to present this petition as part of our alternative bid for the future - to end all oil and gas drilling now.




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